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Photography has always moved me.
It has the power to  capture the soul of the person you love & let you relive your most priceless moments.
Other than love this is the closest thing we have to magic. As your wedding photographer I am here to use my romantic & timeless style to document those dreamy, candid moments on your day to the fullest!
Now let's get started!

i'm a spiritual soul with an adventurous spirit.

my dream clients are...

Dreamers. Big Hearted. Home Bodies. Dog Lovers. FRIENDS Fans. Starry Night Cuddlers. Dr. Pepper Addicts. Traveling Souls. Car Jam Rockstars. Foodies. Believers in Disney Magic. Hopeless Romantics

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I'm here to be your hype queen! The wedding process is something all of us girls dream about since we were little!
Then you get to plan it for real & it can be intimidating.
My job is to give you an escape, a moment to remember why you're investing in documenting your wedding day &
candid captures of the person you fell in love with!
From our first chat to your engagements to your send off
I'm here to make every wish come true.
Genies give you three wishes, Fairy Godmothers give you until midnight while I make the magical moments unlimited!

the experience

authentic. timeless. joyful. 

I curate 25 weddings per year. Now accepting interviews for 2023 & 2024.

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I grew up with so many photographers in my family! We would go on hikes, long drives & find the most gorgeous locations! While they'd take photos of the landscapes I'd focus more on capturing the moment, the people & the memory!

i believe...

Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance

my friends would describe me as:

Genuine. Goofy. Adventurous. Loving.

Fun Facts:

Coco Chanel

let me tell you about my best friend...

Josh & I met at college! I was taking a class with my best friend & I told her I thought the boy sitting in front of me was so cute! I found out later Josh missed pretty much everything the teacher said that first day because he was trying to come up with a way to talk to me! After getting to know each other, we went out every day of spring break & we’ve been inseparable ever since! 
He's my best friend, biggest supporter & the love of my life! My favorite thing is how he volunteers to be my assistant to every session he can; swap my lens, carry my couples coats, hold me steady after I climb onto a rock to get the perfect shot!
Now that you've heard about my soulmate,  let's talk about yours!

how i got started with photography

my favorite places are:

Mountains,  Home. Target, & Beaches

If i could have one wish:

Grow old with  my husband Josh

favorite part of the wedding day

The First Look...hands down!

every wedding should play

Can't Help Falling In Love

My dream clients

Brides who want dreamy photos, no matter what!

latest binge watch

Friends. Always Friends.

dream shoot location

Joshua Tree in California

What is life but one grand adventure?

my Bucket list 

Maui, Hawaii
Walnut Grove, California
London, England
The Maldives

Paris, France
Capri, Italy
Las Cabos, Mexico
Banff, Canada

Tate, Georgia
Joshua Tree, California
Cape Cod, Massachusetts
Nashville, Tennesse

thank you